For over 25 years, Nicholas Day Associates (nda) has been helping organisations that deliver public services to promote positive change in key aspects of their work. Often that change is necessary to bring about improvements in performance resulting in better outcomes for their customers.

However organisational change has needs of its own, and a crucial one is having sufficient time and space for reflection. This is space for considering the important issues ahead such as deciding what has to change and why, and how it should change. It’s time and space that needs to be neutral and unthreatening.

nda creates that time and space.

  • We offer our clients products such as consultancy, training, coaching, service user engagement and interim management that focus specifically on allowing and enabling change.
  • We help our clients broker debate on new beginnings – within their own teams, with other commissioners and providers, and with the community they exist in and serve.
  • We facilitate the formulation of new ideas, new materials, new methods and new skills to help embed and implement change.

Most importantly, we understand that organisations and their customers are communities of people brought together by the objectives they share. We never lose sight of the reality that organisational change originates in the minds of individuals and is delivered by individuals working collaboratively.

People are at the core of the change process. Organisational change needs personal interaction and community consensus. It involves individuals helping each other, identifying together the parts of their activity and thinking that belong to a forward vision, and the parts they have to leave behind.

It’s through our engagement and commitment to this stage of the process that nda makes its distinctive contribution to delivering change. This website tells you how.

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quoteGiving up training to be a Catholic priest to work with the homeless in London was for me a revelation about what vocational work involves. Helping other people is ultimately about change. Meaningful change is what we at nda are aiming to deliver. Evolutionary change is part of the context in which we work. Indeed, change is what we deal in, day in, day out. So why, as professionals, are we so often afraid of it? quote

Nick Day
Founder, nda associates

quotenda show a real understanding of the need for integrated partnership working and how it can work in practice. They champion client involvement. They manage the interface between local authorities/ commissioners and the provider sector extremely well, by promoting communication between the two. quote

Operations Director
Housing Association

quoteResponsive, innovative, service-user focused. quote

Chief probation officer

quoteTakes a "bigger picture" approach often identifying potential added-value elements in a project. Also very open to reflecting on the approach taken and adjusting the direction of travel. quote

Local authority development manager

quoteGood strategic understanding and knowledge of the politics behind strategies. Brings people together in a way that creates clarity and opportunities. quote

Chief executive of a large voluntary agency

quoteThey bring diverse stakeholders together around a shared vision, and have the ability to create that

Government Office of the South West commissioner